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Denver Public Schools is in the preliminary stages of exploring alternative uses of the Rosedale Elementary School property.  In August, DPS held two Outreach Meetings where they outlined a vision and plan to investigate transforming the property into Affordable Housing for DPS teachers and key staff.

You will find information regarding the progress of Denver Public School's outreach efforts and plans on this page.  

Update January 26, 2018:

RHGNA received a statement from DPS regarding their evaluation to repurpose Rosedale School:

"The Fall 2017 Strategic Regional Analysis confirmed previous forecasts that the elementary seats available in the SE region are sufficient to meet elementary enrollment needs through the time period examined (through 2022). As a result, there are no current plans for the Rosedale building. DPS is continuing to work with outside partners to improve the availability of more affordable housing for our educators. The housing efforts we are currently exploring do not include repurposing underutilized school buildings such as Rosedale. We will once again engage the community regarding any potential uses for Rosedale in the future."  -Liz Mendez, DPS Director, Operations Support Services

 Rosedale Elementary School

Rosedale Elementary School

DPS Engagement workshops

DPS conducted two Community Outreach Meetings on August 26 and August 30.  If you were unable to attend, you will find the presentation materials used at the August 30th meeting by clicking the button below.

 Our Neighborhood

Our Neighborhood


During the workshops, attendees had the opportunity to provide written feedback to a series of questions.  If you would like to provide your feedback, click the button below.  The link will take you to

The survey is now closed and results are being compiled.  Check back soon for additional information

 Denver’s Rosedale Elementary was closed by the district in 2005 to save money.

Denver’s Rosedale Elementary was closed by the district in 2005 to save money.

DPS Concludes study on rosedale elementary

Denver Public Schools has determined not to proceed with converting the Rosedale Elementary School and its adjacent property into affordable staff housing. Click below for article.

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